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Interior Design Concept
A comfortable space created by the food, service and people. Inviting in all of the four seasons.

With luxurious residential high rise buildings right next door Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse & Bar is located in the internationally accented area of Ark Hills which is surrounded by a plethora of embassies, many financial institutions and international corporations.

Created by ECN and Nao Taniyama of NTA (Nao Taniyama & Associates), the people, service and food are the leading part of the Ruby Jack’s design. Through many conversations, the comfortable, contemporary yet vintage space is inviting in all of the four seasons.

Without adding too many spices, the concept of the interior is kept very simple but with high quality just like the high level ingredients used in the kitchen and bar. Being the fourth restaurant created by ECN, Ruby’s interior design creates a comfortable atmosphere showing the company’s progression.

Complete with a customized glass meat locker, a hand crafted maple butcher’s block {from John Boos, USA} and the black metal three meter forged black steel exhaust, the fully facilitated open kitchen is totally on show with bright illumination.

The dining room adorned with CAB chairs designed by Mario Bellini from Cassina, has five meter high ceilings with full sized glass windows and has an antique flooring all made of blackbutt timber with a variety of textures which was delivered from Eastern Australia where the Chef is from.

The wine cellar holding 1400 bottles on the mezzanine level overlooking the squared horseshoe bar dotted with Jean Prouvre designed bar stools is accessed via the black metal spiral staircase.

On the side of the bar and adjacent wall there are leather belts lined up beside each other, the belts and main station are illuminated by old fashioned filament light bulbs. The belts and bulbs add to the overall vintage feel of Ruby’s.

The terrace and private room are unified by just one sliding door. The private dining table, seating 10 guests comfortably, has been customized using raw materials of wood and iron which gives a type of warmth to the atmosphere. Masashi Ozawa’s painting, entitled “Angus”, takes up the whole wall of the private room adding that splash of color to the interior. The terrace faces onto the famous cherry blossom vicinity of Sakura-zaka and Spain-zaka and is complete with two fourteen {Jean Prouvre designed} bar stooled communal tables and luxurious chocolate brown low cushioned furniture, all coming together to offer a comfortable socialspace.

A great sense of unity with the terrace can be felt by opening the oversized glass sliding doors. By opening the doors between the terrace and dining room, the room can be opened up 100% to be a part of the entire dining hall.

With the continuous movement of the chefs in the open kitchen, the staff moving from the service station in the center of the floor to the wine cellar on the mezzanine level, at Ruby Jack’s guests and staff communicate in various ways creating a live performance. The vivid sensory perception of the restaurant can be realized while enjoying the food and watching the people communicating.

Interior Design: NTA(NAO Taniyama & Associates)